We're Nuts for Macadamia

We teamed up with Creative Media Marketing PR and Macadamia Professional to style an event for style editors in NYC, to showcase the new line of Macadamia Professional's styling products. 40 editors were invited to Chris Chase Salon for a presentation showcasing the brand, topped with a hair styling session featuring the new products. We descended on the Salon, and filled the space with Macadamia Professional products, creating a unique branded experience. We designed a "sensorial bar" - a large display of the products and their main ingredients: Macadamia nuts, Aloe Vera, walnuts, pistachios, Argan oil and avocado. Guests enjoyed a light array of pastries, fruits and cookies, while sipping coffee from branded mugs and water bottles.

Planning, styling, decor and catering: Simply Perfect Events

Location: Chris Chase Salon, NYC

Photographer: CMM PR


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